Friday, 26 June 2015

New Extra Wide Quilt Back Fabric has Arrived!

When I bought my ABM Innova Longarm and stared to quilt for customers, I found many of my customers struggled to find extra wide backing fabrics and instead turned up with all sorts of backing - from old sheets, to joined fabric etc  for me to put on their beautiful quilt tops.

As a consequence of this I started to look into extra wide fabric and I discovered that it is very hard to find a good selection in one place in the UK.

The reason for this is firstly all the fabrics need to come from the USA and few manufacturers provide the extra wide 106 /108 inch fabric and if they do they only offer a very small range. This has to be ordered and can take several months to arrive. As the fabric is two and a half times the width of standard patchwork fabric and still comes on a bolt, the cost of stocking a large range is also high. Nevertheless, I decided that we needed to get a good range available in the UK.

By dealing with many different manufactures I have now collected a superb range of extra wide quilt backing fabric - one of the very best selections in the UK.

Today's delivery from Timeless Treasures, as usual turned up with no warning. It was ordered well over three months ago!

I have now listed all 32 bolts of X-Tonga and some tone on tone fabrics from this delivery on to the shop on my website here -

Quilt Sandwich Shop

The now brings my total bolts to just under 100!  (don't tell Tim !)

Fabric & waddings can be purchased from my website and I ship by carrier. If you are local or coming to Bridlington and want to have a look, just give me a call in advance on 01262 672433 so I can make sure I am here to assist.

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