Saturday, 5 December 2015

First time teaching in the UK for Claudia Pfeil

I have been following Claudia Pfeil's quilting journey for some considerable time and eventually managed to persuade her to come & teach here at Quilt Sandwich, The Royal Bridlington.

Claudia is from Germany. She has a shop and is a longarm dealer and normally teaches quilting in the USA and Canada.

Her show quilts are more art type wall hangings and are very heavily quilted and embellished.  She has won many awards - mostly at the big American shows, including Best of Show, Best Longarm, Best use of Colour etc etc with many of her quilts, so it was very exciting when she agreed to come and teach, but not only that I wanted her to teach piecing and design - another first for Claudia.

Here are a few of Claudia's Quilts

Fern Rising

The Ferns being prepared:

Fine Fern detail



 Dream Catcher

Raspberry Sorbet

Fire & Ice

Our first day began with making mini mosaics to use in our backgrounds.

Fabric was cut into 2 inch squares and laid upon a marked out grid on Solufix.  The horizontal and vertical seams were then sewn and the solufix disolved.

Solufix will be available in the on line shop here -  Quilt Sandwich  very soon.

The process was then repeated with 1 inch squares.

The group hard at work

Next we sorted out fabrics into groups - eg blues / purples / aqua / lights / darks etc and sewed 2 inch strips with 45 degree ends into jelly roll races.  These were later chopped and adjusted to fit into a background design.

The next couple of days we began to make the cut outs to be appliqu├ęd to the top.  These included bubbles, spirals and various shapes which we also painted with fabric paints.

Time for afternoon tea

Applying crystals

Show & tell - work in progress

We had a superb time with Claudia - such a lovely, generous,  fun loving lady - thank you Claudia.

Claudia will be coming back again next year - the dates will be 13th. 14th & 15th December 2016. Details will be announced to the newsmail list first before going on the website.  If you are not already on the newsmail list you can email Fiona to be added by clicking  here Email fiona.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hazels Quilt Retreat 2015

This week we have some lovely ladies here on their own quilt retreat.

There has been lots of productive work completed over the last few days and they have also kept me very busy longarm quilting some of their makes.

This first quilt has been made for charity. Its going to be raffled for Ovarian Cancer, so I quilted this with my compliments.

The pattern chosen by the ladies was 'dragonflies' . This is a gorgeous quilt in lovely aqua & jades - the pictures don't really do this quilt justice and I really hope that they raise lots of money for the charity.

The next quilt had been on the go for some twenty years!

The pattern chosen for this one was 'circles & squares'

and the back

The third quilt - modern feathers was started in one of Hazels classes and finished here during the retreat.

The pattern chosen was 'funky feathers'

Next up, this lavender & green quilt. The pattern is called 'pansies'

& finally, quilt number five
 the pattern chosen for this one is called 'bountiful feathers'

well my poor Rodney & DellBoy now deserve a rest - they have been on overtime for these ladies, but we are all pleased that they have had a super retreat and we look forward to welcoming them back to Quilt Sandwich at The Royal Bridlington soon.