Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fusing with Gail Lawther

Todays workshop was all about fusing with Bondaweb.

There was a choice of either a Monet scene or Van Gogh Sunflowers.

First we has a quick look at our achievements from yesterday.

Again Gail had a variety of quilts to show us which had been made by fusing - look on the table for a peep.

Here is some work in progress

Time for tea and cake

And a good day was had by all.

Now for the clean up. Just before the workshops I made new covers for all the ironing boards, so today I provided lots of greaseproof paper so there would be no accidents with the bondaweb. WRONG. I have now unglued three irons and one of ironing boards is covered in Bondaweb and glue!

Gail will be back here again next October. Full details are on the website or can provide if you send me an email -

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Zealand with Gail Lawther

Well after morning strolls on the beautiful South Beach, breakfast and coffee and homemade biscuits the day began with a display of yesterdays quilts.

and we even managed to get a pic of Gail too!  ...she has done so well to avoid the camera so far! - lol!

As you can see Gail had another fantastic display of quilts on the table again today, all inspired by her travels to New Zealand.

Our choices today were either a Seascape or Maouri Curves.

Here are the ladies from Scarborough Sewing Centre - having a lovely time playing with fabric.

Here is Barbara from Bridlington Sewing Centre enjoying a well deserved break from the shop.

Sylvia displaying her Maouri Cruves

 Gail checking on the ladies

Marys Seascape

My funky Maouri Curves

Heathers Beaded Maouri Curves

Barbara Pickering brought her finished New York Beauty which we started in the retreat with Dawn Cameron-Dick.  Wow, she has done really well, its a stunning quilt.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Stained Glass with Gail Lawther

Gail Lawther is with us at The Royal Bridlington for a three day retreat / workshops.

The morning started after coffee and homemade biscuits with a quilt show by Gail. Her quilts are truely stunning - but I'm sorry I'm not allowed to post pics of all of them which is a shame because they are really worth seeing.

Today was stained glass - one of Gails signature techniques. The ladies had a choice of Mackintosh Rose, Rialto Bridge or Gondola Scene.

We started with reverse applique techniques for the larger areas then the smaller ones were applied with Bondaweb before the fusable bias was added and machined in place using a twin needle.

So here is some work in progress

This is Sue with her rose

And later this evening some of us manged to get them finished.

Here is my Rialto Bridge

Heather displaying her Rialto Bridge

Heather has also brought her Japanese Inspirations which she started with Pat Archibald a couple of weeks ago

So Tomorrow we have a choice of a Seacape or Maouri Curves.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Feathers, Dog Roses, Weardale Chains & more...........

We are quilting again.  The amazing Lilian Hedley is here with us this week.
Lilian in an expert in Durham Quilting or North Country Quilting as its sometimes called. She is a mind of information and knoweledge and she was trained to quilt by the infamous Amy Emms. She is also an honorary member of The Quilters Guild.

On Sunday we had some ladies join us for just one day and they learnt how to draw Durham Running Feathers and some other designs, then how to mark out and quilt a cushion cover ready for hand quilting.

The other ladies are here for four days and they are either learning how to make a wholecloth or a strippy Quilt.

Here are some of the ladies looking at some of Lilan Quilts - both modern and antique.

On Lilians very first visit to The Royal Bridlington, I joined the cushion cover class as I was not sure I would take to hand quilting.  I marked the whole cushion cover in the day and then set about the quilting whilst other ladies were marking their wholecloths & strippys.
Here is the result

I really enjoyed it, although I did not expect that I would. I found it quite relaxing to do.

On the next visit I decided to tackle a wholecloth and so marked up a king size with Lilians help.  Although I dont get alot of spare time I have still manged to get quite a bit done.

So, not wanting to waste the opportunity of having Lilian here teaching again, I'm marking up another wholecloth - a double this time.

Here is my progress after the first day.

This is the middle of my quilt, designed on to greaseproof paper.

Today, day two, I started to design the corner.

Here are some of the ladies hard at work-

Morag has come all the way from Locharber in Scotland. She is busy designing her strippy quilt.

Here is Jean, she is inking in her pattern

Chris is designing her border

Lilian will be here teaching with us again
 9th /10th /11th & 12th March 2014
12th /13th / 14th / 15th October 2014
Anyone who wants to learn about North Country / Durham Quilting or would like to receive futher information email

Lilian also has four books which are full of traditional North Country design templates.

 These are £12.50 each plus postage

These are £7.50 each plus postage
and they are available from Lilian -