Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Final Day with Leonie Pujol.....awwww

The theme for today workshop was Backgrounds.

This morning Leonie went out shopping before class and she bought....

ummmm   wonder what she is going to do with that?........................

A distressed back ground of course!

The students (and Leonie) had a superb three days and area all looking forward to a return visit.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Another fantastic Day with leonie Pujol

Today theme for Leonies workshop was Embellished and Beautiful.

The ladies have had a thoroughly superby day.  Here are some pictures of their work.

Having fun with a melting pot

This evening after dinner, those staying on the retreat enjoyed more crafting with Leonie learning different techniques.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Our First Paper Crafting Workshop & Retreat with Leonie Pujol

Today was our very first paper crafting workshop and retreat.
We persuaded Leonie Pujol to come and teach here over a year ago. 

Leonie has been interested in card craft for many years and she is currently a presenter and demonstrator on Create and Craft TV.  Leonie recently won Craft Presenter of the Year Award.

Setting up

Todays workshop main theme was 'stamping'.

Look what the ladies have been making this morning.

After a delicious lunch a new project was started.

and then it was time for pics with Leonie

Workshops with Ferret

Day one kicked off with a full class and we commenced our first art quilts.  We could select from a Swan or a Rose.

Unfortunatley Ferret had mislaid her rose and only had her swan to show us.

We began by numbering our fabrics - 1 being the palest shade. On our provided patterns the shade numbers were marked on and we began cutting our fabric into roughly 1 inch triangles, just using scissors.

We placed a thin piece of iron on interfacing over our patterns - sticky side up and pinned them together, resting them on a pressing surface preferably.

Next we began placing our fabric on top working across rows in certain sections and using the numbers on the pattern to place the correct piece in the right position.

All too soon it was lunch time.  Martin prepared us a lovely buffet and we had butternut squash & ginger bake too.  To finish there was my homemade lemon cheesecake and fresh fruit salad.

Whilst we all had lunch, Ferret prepared her laptop & projector for us and when we returned she showed us how she starts off with an image and prepares it to make a pattern which she prints out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing off our pieces of work.  When our patterns were done, we then had to fuse them to the interfacing by giving them a good iron under a pressing sheet or piece of baking parchment (not greaseproof).
We then left them to cool.

Next we very carefully cut around our designs and layed them on the backing sandwich.  For the Swan the shadow was added.  Next we applied a layer of very thin water soluble film over the top and pined down. Then it was time to start quilting our pieces of work.

After dinner, the ladies onthe retreat enjoyed a lovely evening sewing together.

Day Two was Free Motion Quilting.

As we had mixed abilities in the class, we all set off with the same excercises and progressed to the next at our own speed.

Whilst the ladies lunched Ferret checked people progress and then when we returned those who were 'capable' went on to feathers and differnt styles of feathers and the others learn some other designs.

Day Three - Speed Quilt 2 - Bargello

First of all, this one should have come with a warning - there is a heck of a lot of prep to do prior to the workshop!  Some of the less experienced ladies did struggle with this.

Finished.....except for the binding

and the back

and here is another one