Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kathleen Laurel Sage Retreat

Unfortunately this blog is a little late. So many apologies - many of you know why, but for those who don't  - I was taken into hospital very suddenly on the second day of this retreat. I was gutted to miss day two and three!

Anyway on the first day with Kathleen we began to learn her signature technique with a flower panel.

Here are some of Kathleen's examples

The pattern is traced onto heavy water soluble stabiliser.
Layers of organza is put between two layers of the heavy water soluble stabiliser with the traced pattern on top.

The traced pattern is then sewn- free motion on the machine.

The water soluble stabilizer is then dissolved and then a soldering iron is then used to burn away some of the organza to make the cut work and holes.

Here are some more examples of Kathleen's

Students hard at work

and here are just a few of the ones made by the students

As I mentioned earlier I missed day two and three. However one of the ladies has kindly emailed me pictures of her work. Thank you Linda and wow - what fabulous work.

Watch the website and newsmail - the ladies enjoyed the retreat so much with Kathleen that they have requested her to come back again to Quilt Sandwich.

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