Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lots of Disruption this week due to the Fire Service!

This week we have a team of joiners on site.

In May this year we had a visit from the Fire Inspector. Four/five  years ago when he visited he wanted us to insert intumescent seals in all our bedroom fire doors.

So we bought a router and began taking off every door and channelling out the grouve for the tape, inserting the tape and rehanging the doors.

This time, the Fire Inspector decided that he was not happy with our door locks and wants each bedroom to have an internal thumb turn, just in case a guest can't find their keys to open the door!

The hotel has been in operation for well over 30 years, there have been no incidents. Each room has a 30 minute fire door with intumescent tape and opening windows.  There are hundreds of hotel rooms with keys all over the country - are they all going to have to change their locking systems?  I don't think so!  Fire rules are not level troughout the UK - they are up to each individual division - if we were located in Scarborough there would be no problem.

Not only that, he wanted us to do the job almost immediateley. Ummm hotels by the seaside are generally busiest in the summer months and I really dont think it would be a good idea to do this type of work with guests and children around the place!

Anyway, it has taken us this long to research the project and find a team of joiners who can do the job.

So, here we are having to change all our bedroom doors! What a waste of money - almost £12K in fact!!

The other thing we have had to do this time is to fit a break glass point in our garden. The Fire Inspector argued that anyone in our ground floor rooms would need to re enter the building to raise the alarm, so we MUST have a way for these people to raise the alarm without re-entering the building.

Ahhh...itsn't it lovely....supurb value at just £300!

So while the joiners are here on site, we are making the most of their talents and have added a few more jobs to their list - mainly lots of shelving to increase storage space.

Yesterday they removed all our old doors and made a start on the storage areas in our cabin.

We are very modern now with open plan hotel bedrooms in the main building!

Here are Paul & Lee in the cabin....they are camera shy!

Phil has started to hang the new doors on the top floor

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