Thursday, 17 October 2013

Its not our fault..................

So the latest in the Innova Longarm Quilting machine saga is that the dealer is now happy for a technician to come and sort the rest of the installation with her not in attendance.

The President of ABM says they are all busy with quilt fairs etc and cant send anyone till November.  Had the machine arrived on time then installation was apparently scheduled for beg of October.


*  Its not our fault the machine was not collected from USA in plenty of time to arrive here first week in October.

*  Its not our fault TNT lost one of the boxes

*  Its not our fault that the paperwork for TNT was not fully completed and this resulted in a 5 day delay to obtain an EORI number

*  Its not our fault that not all the items we have paid for were shipped

It is our fault however for purchasing a machine!!  Ever wished you have never bothered?!

Its like having a new car sat in your garage but you dont have the keys and now you know you will not have the keys for another 5/6 weeks - but its just sat there looking at you.

As you can tell, we are understandably less than chuffed.

Apologies to all the ladies who are waiting to have a go......perhaps we might be up and running by December - just two months later than scheduled - but who knows?

So in the meantime we have rescheduled holidays and we are going to be heading off to the USA for longarm quilting training in Utah.


Just had an email from ABM President, the technician is now getting scheduled for late November and our USA training will by at ABM Innova expense.

Thank you Neil, President ABM Innova for your very kind gesture. Its is very much appreciated.

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