Thursday, 17 October 2013

Progress so far.........

Well the rocky road to here has turned mountainous!

We made very little progress yesterday with building the machine and got totally stuck trying to assemble the hydraulic table lift (extra) as the wheels (an extra) had raised the table by around 5 inches and this would mean having to try and lift the heavy hydraulic panel to the table - it would then be suspended in mid air.

We knew the dealer was busy at a quilt show, so we contacted the company in Houston by email for technical support.

We also could not find the software for the auto pilot nor the light which we had ordered.

The reply we received informed us we had installed the wheels correctly and that the missing items were scheduled to come out to us with a technician who was going to come and help with installation & auto pilot.

When we originally placed the order back in Sept, we understood the arrangment was for the technician to come and install everything for us in exchange for the dealer & rep being able to use my machine for some training for themselves whilst the technician was here.

Just before the machine was despatched we chased the dealer to find out when the technician was going to be arriving for the installation and we were informed by the dealer that we had misunderstood and the offer was only for the installation of the auto pilot and NOT to build the whole thing - we had to assemble ourselves and have a practice on the machine before the dealer, rep and technician arrived to do the auto pilot. We could however pay her another $750 and they would sort the installation too. Obviously we were less than chuffed about this, but had no option but to really have a go.

Late last night we received an email from the President of ABM Innova. He was under the impression that their technican was going to fly out and do the whole installation and all the training -BUT we had declined and wanted to build the machine ourselves!!!

So thats where we currently are - more confused and exasperated.  We have spent the whole week trying to build the machine which it is now apparent we could have just left and waited for the technician to arrive and our understanding of the arrangement was correct in the first place.


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