Tuesday, 15 October 2013

OMG TNT Delivery with no warning!

Yesterday (Monday) TNT turned up with the delivery from America! No warning, no phone call nothing ...ugh.

Its been a very rocky road to this point.  We were hoping for the delivery two weeks ago. When eventually it arrived in the UK we had another delay. We apparently required an EORI number to book it into customs. This was requested on the paperwork TNT provided for the shipping to be arranged, but we were not kept in the loop and noone asked us to get one. We had a week delay as we had to apply to customs to get one.

Anyway, here it is at long last. Our new 26 inch Innova Quilting Machine with 11ft frame, auto lift, light bar, castors, autopilot and the new light which has just been launched.

Three massive boxes to unload and get through the gate.

One box has been damaged

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to empty the boxes to get them out of the rain.

Of course we had to then make a start...

and thats where we left it last night

Today we started again...

So its starting to take shape, but there is still alot more to do.

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