Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Zealand with Gail Lawther

Well after morning strolls on the beautiful South Beach, breakfast and coffee and homemade biscuits the day began with a display of yesterdays quilts.

and we even managed to get a pic of Gail too!  ...she has done so well to avoid the camera so far! - lol!

As you can see Gail had another fantastic display of quilts on the table again today, all inspired by her travels to New Zealand.

Our choices today were either a Seascape or Maouri Curves.

Here are the ladies from Scarborough Sewing Centre - having a lovely time playing with fabric.

Here is Barbara from Bridlington Sewing Centre enjoying a well deserved break from the shop.

Sylvia displaying her Maouri Cruves

 Gail checking on the ladies

Marys Seascape

My funky Maouri Curves

Heathers Beaded Maouri Curves

Barbara Pickering brought her finished New York Beauty which we started in the retreat with Dawn Cameron-Dick.  Wow, she has done really well, its a stunning quilt.

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