Monday, 7 September 2015

The Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate 2015

The Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate is one of my favourite shows as it is 'do able in a day' and there are some great Yorkshire prices & good old Yorkshire hospitality.

This year however is different for me as I am attending the show as an exhibitor and not as a visitor.

Here is me small stand overflowing with the massive choice of extra wide fabrics which I now have in stock and in my online store too.

Last year I was very lucky and won the cot quilt section at this show, so I decided that I should still try and support the competition by entering again.

My cot quilt - Born in the USA won second place this time, giving way a perfect hand quilted one by Andrea Stracke.

Born in the USA

Andrea's Beautiful Hand quilted cot quilt

Starburst by Carole Galbraith

Trade Winds - by Sheila Evans

Jewel of the Crown cushion - the winner this year by Brenda Stimpson

Barbara's Quilt by Alwoodley Quilters

Caresite by Andrea Stracke

Garlands of Hearts by Sue Horder

The Splendour of Seahorses by Susan Dixon

Masquerade by Birgit Schuller

Splash by Birgit Schuller

Chroma Corona by Lorene Horner.

This was started in a retreat here at the Royal Bridlington with Jacqueline de Jonge. Lorene won the use of colour award.

Cactus Rose by Maureen Crawford & Ray Lawrence

Subtle Differences by Kay Bell

Cappuccino Dreams by Lynda Jackson

and the overall winner......

Perserverance by Susan Lax

If anyone wants their name adding to their quilt, just let me know.

Here is the link to my website where you can find my secure on-line store, details of our workshops and retreats and my longarm quilting service.

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