Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Another great Retreat with Lilian Hedley on North Country Quilting

Today is the last day of this biannual retreat.  

After being introduced to some of Lilian quilts - which you can see a small snippet here -

Lilian allowed the students to start choosing their traditional patterns - these include feathers, Durham running feather, Weardale chain, Weardale wheels, bellows, lovers knots,  etc

The students traced these onto greaseproof paper to start designing their quilt middles and corners.  When their paper patterns were complete they ink them in then transfer to fabric. the last job is adding in the square diamonds before layering up and starting to quilt.

The students have been working hard over the last few days to get as much done as possible before they depart today.

Here are some class pics -

 Caroll transferring her design to fabric

Dee starting the quilting on one of the strips of her strippy quilt

A Strippy pattern

 Lilian helping transfer

 Lilian & Julie

 Nanny marking up her fabric. Nanny came all the way from Holland to take the course.

Inger & Veslem√ły from Norway who made the long journey for the course.

Lilian with all the students

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