Saturday, 17 August 2013

Morning stroll round the Garden

Full house last night, so a very busy breakfast this morning. Boy it was hot in the kitchen!

After dealing with the departing guests I decided to have a stroll round the garden and it struck me that we don't normally take many pics of the garden, so here are a few. Shame we really don't get time to look after it properly or enjoy it ourselves, but our guests certain enjoy it out there - its a real suntrap.

View down the garden towards our Scooter Docking cabin / golf club store & maybe soon to be this space - LOL

Agapanthus just bursting into flower

Clematis corner

Entrance to The Royal Lodge

& the latest problem......

The plants, tree and ivy from the other side are causing our wall to topple over. However our neighbours at The Royal British Legion Alderson House will not take any responsibility for the damage their uncontrolled plants have caused.
The rebuild cost is likely to be around £1200. Stalemate at the moment.

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