Thursday, 31 March 2016

My New Work Space & Machines

Its been a long time coming, but I have now finally got my new sewing room set up and sorted.

The downside of being so busy with The Charity Quilt Show is that I have not been able to play with my new machines.

As most of my blog readers know - I do a lot of sewing. My domestic machine, Janome 11000,  has been well used and really takes a hammering with the amount I do, so I decided to explore other alternatives before purchasing a replacement.

I started to research the industrial market and I found a Brother sewing machine with ziz zag and fancy stitches too.  The only problem was I wanted to try it out. This was back in July 2015 and the dealer in Leeds said he was getting one in for another customer and he would call me when it arrived, so I could have a go.  Unfortunately I am still waiting on him calling me to say it has arrived in.  I think I must have asked too many questions and been too much bother for him!

I continued my research and I found another industrial supplier - Hobkirks in Blackburn and I must say the help and assistance has been fantastic. I asked Mark so many questions about the Zoje machine he recommended and learn so much and never felt a nuisance.  I was desperate to go and see, but had to wait for a suitable gap in the hotel to make the journey across to Blackburn.

Eventually the opportunity came in early 2016 and we decided to make a short break and stay in Manchester. I had also decided that it would be worth looking for a multi needle embroidery machine too whilst we were there.

The next day we set off early from the hotel to make our way to Blackburn. The shop was easy to find and they have great customer parking behind. Inside the  shop is amazing.  They have almost every type of domestic machine you can think of - a room full of each brand!

For the quilters there is a room full of fabric too

Towards the back of the shop and via the workshop area there are several rooms full of industrial machines.

We spent the whole day at Hobkirks!!  Firstly with Marcus looking at the Brother PR embroidery machines then later looking at the Riccar Diamond.

 Terry one of the engineers set up the sewing machine for me in the workshop too and after he had showed me how to operate it I was able to have a play. Wow, it surely can move! Luckily the speed is controlable - in fact just about everything is programmable and controlable!

Terry is an amazing person. He has worked in the industry all his life and what he does not know, is really not worth knowing. He showed me around the industrial machines and explained what each one did too.

 One of the most unique things about Hobkirks is there massive collection of Old Singer Machines

So after a full day at the shop - I left without fabric (which must be a first!) but the proud new owner of not one but two new machines. Yes, we purchased the Zoje sewing machine and the Riccar Diamond 15 needle embroidery machine.

 Due to work commitment however I had to wait for another suitable gap for them to be delivered.

Now that I had the new machines I needed to organise my space which has taken a few weeks in between hotel events, charity quit show and quilting retreats.

So here is my Sewing Room and Sanctuary!

I am now looking forward to spending some time getting to know my new machines.

& here is my longarm room

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