Sunday, 1 February 2015

USA Trip Part TWO -Washington DC

Well we made it to Washington! Glad we purchased a sat nav /gps  yesterday.  We found the hotel - the Holiday Inn Rosslyn straight away. On route we drove past The Pentagon & Arlington Cemetery.

Here is our view across the river towards the White House.  We are on the 14th floor.

After settling in we decided to brave the Metro, which is located just up the road. We chose this hotel due to it proximity to the station. Eventually we sussed the ticket machine & proceeded via the barriers for a very steep descent down to the station platform. Very much like the London Underground, only much cleaner and feels more relaxed.

Within 10 mins we were on and off the train and making our way in freezing conditions to see the White House.

After some dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe we headed back to our hotel for the night.

The next day we missed breakfast by 20 mins. We both thought it finished at 10.30 and in fact it was 9.30!  The hotel staff were less than accommodating.  This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day too.  We wrapped up and set off looking for somewhere to get breakfast. We walked miles in the freezing wind and didn't find anywhere!

We decided to get on the metro and head off to the Smithsonian.

We saw the Star Spangled Banner and the First Ladies Clothes then renovations!!!!  Unfortunately because of the renovations the Quilt exhibition was in storage!!

Ok, so this day was not our day - lol!

Tim wanted to see The Capitol Building - even that was covered in scaffolding!

We ended up in China Town and decided to have a chinese for breakfast/come lunch/come dinner. We visited The Big Wong and really enjoyed our meal until it came to the bill. We paid and left a reasonable tip only to be confronted by one of the staff telling us that our tip was not enough! We must leave at least 15%!!! What shameful behaviour.

So folks unless you are willing to pay over the odds and leave at lease 15% extra avoid this place!

Today we are heading out of Washington, south again.  Hoping to visit a quilting shop on route and heading towards The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Waltons Mountain and Dirty Dancing hotel here we come!

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