Friday, 8 August 2014

Festival of Quilts NEC 2014

This year instead of staying over on my own and visiting the Festival of Quilts (FOQ)  on the Sat & Sun, I was invited to go on a coach day trip with a local group.  Although this was lovely, I really felt rushed as I didnt have enough time to 'do' the festival properly. Next  year I will go back to taking two days.
I also found that Thursday was so much busier than the Sat & Sun last year.

Anyway here are some pics which I managed to take.

I'm sorry I didnt manage to get all the names, so if you see your quilt and want me to add it - just let me know.

Lovely Minatures

  Personally I thought this was amazing and could not belive that it was not a winner

Andrea Stracke

Back to larger quilts

Corinne Zambeek van Hasselt - Peace 2

 Apolgies for pic quality - Stephanie Pettengell - Profiles

Close up

 Claudia Pfeil

So excited to see Claudia Quilt. She will be teaching here at The Royal Bridlington in December 2015 - WOW. Full details will be appearing on our website -

 Natalia Manley - Keeping out of darkness

 Angelines Artero - Regatas

 Pamela Miller - Rainbow Wow

 Marisa Marques - Regeracion de Elementos

 Janine Visser - Triangle Trail

 Hilary Florence - Cosmic Split

 Paula Raffety - Skull Optics

 Sue Dawson - Not the darts of death

 Beth Miller ? - Sill Life

 Michele Clark & Margaret Routledge - Mums a Star

 Karin Hellaby & Janette Chilvers - Shimmer Hexi Flowers

 Mary Cunningham & Maggie Kingston - Gargantuan

 Pam S ?  & Quilters Trading Post - Fish at Sea

  Carmen Arevalo Sarchez & Silvia Gonzalez Medina - Big Bang

Sandy Chandler - Rhapsody

 Annelize Littlefair - Kutch Diamonds

 Gwenfai Rees Griffiths - Cappuchino

 Pam Lofthouse - Yorkshire Quilt

 Sharon Andrew - Seven Sisters Sunflower
 Eileen Swart - Jardin des fleurs

 Claudis Pfeil & Edith Vortmann - Zen Garden

Cinzia White - Raconteur

 Andrea Ashwell - Blue Mist

 Angie Taylor - Celtic Pearls

 Chris Hunt - My Sedona Star

 Judith Wilson - On Green Pond

 Laura Armiraglio - Omaggio a Gerda Bengtsson

 Kay Bell - AKA The Horse

 Philipa Thomas - Turkish Delight

 Hanney Asbey -The Magic of Skye II

 Anneke De Jonge - Magical Garden

 Peter Hayward - Waves, Tides & Currents
 Antonia Hering - Dreamtime

 Maggie Barber - Taking Liberties

Merethe Soeby - Over the rainbow.  I love this - its similar to the quilts which Jacqueline de Jonge from Holland makes - and she will be here teaching in March 2014)

 Sue Dawson - Midnight Garden

 Ross Munro - Omahu

 Jane Whittles - Autumn Bounty  (like Susan Briscoes pattern - Time & Time again which we have done in a workshop  here at The Royal Bridlington)

 Victoria Plum - Geometry Part 1 & 2

 Birgit Shuller - Liquorice & Lace

 Kausar Mitha - Indigo Stars

 Pauline Tiny - Lily White

 Nora Al Shafi - Crossroads

 Angela Madden - Wish you were here

Angela is also teaching here at The Royal Bridlington in October . Full details are on our website -

The Winners

 Philipa Naylor

Best in Show - Ruth Parker - Eloquence & Integrity

Judges Comments - The Exquisite handwork and fine machine piecing are exceptional. A simple technique made complex by the maticulous placement of colour across the quilt surface.

Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga - Rich and Poor

Thank you for looking...hope you have enjoyed my pictures.

Have a look at for longarm quilting and details of our workshops and retreats.  If you are not already on my list, you can send me an email and you will be kept up to date with new workshops before they go live on the website.

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