Monday, 2 December 2013

Matt from ABM Innova introduces Dell Boy to Rodney

On Saturday morning Matt from ABM International flew in to Leeds/Bradford airport via Amsterdam from Houston. He arrived minus his luggage. Apparently there was a baggage handling problem in Schiphol and all flights had to leave with out luggage!

Despite being rather jet lagged he was eager to get started.

On Saturday night we took Matt to the Naked Fish in town for traditional British fish, chips and mushy peas, which he really enjoyed. As there was still no sign of Matts luggage, we had a trip to Tescos for some essentials.

Matt has worked on the machine all weekend and on Sunday night when he powered up we found we tripped the fuses. We need to sort a larger power outage asap.

Matts luggage eventually showed up late Sunday. Yeh, we have the bits and tools he needs now to finish the job.

On Monday, we managed to find an electrician who called in at lunch time to have a look at what was needed.  Due to the fact that Matt is scheduled to fly back to Houston on Tuesday Morning at 6am, the electrician said he would come back after work to do the job.

This afternoon, it was time for some retail therapy, so Tim took Matt to John Bull Rock Factory then to Morrisons for tea bags and Quality Street to take back to the office.

So it's now 7.45pm Monday and the electrician has just finished. Had we of course known about the extra power requirements then we could have had this already sorted.

Time for some food then we are going to have a play to ensure everything is up and running properly, before Tim leaves at 2am to take Matt back to the airport for his early morning flight.

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